23 Best Gifts For Him This Christmas

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Picking out gifts for him is a big priority right now! Christmas is just around the corner, so order early and receive that package on time. When you’re looking for a gift for your man it can be kind of tough to figure out what he likes. If your boyfriend is like mine, then if he wants something he just buys it! This makes it so difficult for me to find gifts, because he already has what he wants. You have to sneak past him and find him something he wants, but never knew it.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding what the best type of gift is to get him.

  • Something he might need but hasn’t bought yet
  • What are his interests / hobbies
  • A gift he can use over and over again that won’t become useless!

Here is a curated collection of gifts that are suitable for any type of man that he is bound to love! And (God forbid) if he doesn’t end up loving the gift itself, then he will love the thought you put in to getting it for him

Best Gifts For Him:

1. Cast Iron Skillet

This is one of the gifts for him if he enjoys cooking. If your man is serious about his steaks, then he needs a cast iron skillet. You could also include a cast iron skillet recipe book, or a how to season your cast iron skillet guide. Seasoning these babies and learning how to care for them is super important.

2. Wine Decanter

Get your man this super fancy wine decanter if he’s the type of guy who loves his wine. A wine decanter serves to aerate the wine and let all the flavors shine through after it’s been sitting for a while. Just dump your bottle of wine into the decanter and give it a good swirl. Let the whirlpool really go, and your cheap wine will be tasting amazing in no time!

3. Bourbon Bitters

Okay, so we’ve started to ride the drink train! Different bourbon bitters flavors is one of the perfect gifts for him if he is someone who loves an old fashioned. He will really think this gift is thoughtful if you know that he likes to drink an old fashioned.

4. Tushy Bidet

I know what you’re thinking… A BIDET!? Yes, in the United States we fail to use bidets, but they make perfect gifts. Talk about a gift you never knew you needed. Your man will totally appreciate having a bidet as soon as he gets one, and you’ll love it it. I actually did gift my boyfriend a bidet a couple of years ago and we both love to use it. It makes for an incredible bathroom experience.

5. Squatty Potty

Now that my attention has shifted towards bathroom necessities, gift him a squatty potty. Double bonus points if he gets a bidet and a squatty potty, but you don’t have to spoil him too much. I promise this is another gift that he might not know he actually needs it until he has it. My boyfriend has a Squatty Potty and we both use this all the time! No shame!

6. Hot Sauce Making Kit

A hot sauce making kit is such a wonderful gift. It’s engaging and interesting for he who loves his hot sauces. There’s all sorts of combinations that can be created with this kit. It’s a perfect way for your man to be able to create hot sauces to his own taste.

7. Luxury Spa Basket

When does your man invest in spa days, skin care, or nice smelling products? Getting a luxury spa basket for your man will really show him that you’re a thoughtful and caring person! This specific basket is sandalwood smelling, which isn’t super perfumy but a good generic scent. I generally stay away from strong overwhelming perfumes because you never know what people’s preferences are.

8. Remote Controlled Paper Airplane

If your man a kid at heart? If so, then this remote controlled paper airplane is an amazing gift for him. It’s super unnecessary, but so fun. He won’t ever think of getting himself something like this and will be so surprised to receive it. Take it out to the park with him to test it. It’s a great gift you can both be involved in as well, which I love.

9. Foot Massager

Doesn’t it feel great to have a foot massage? Now, by getting your man a foot massager you won’t ever have to do the work to massage his feet for him! Just kidding…. or am I? He’ll love something he can massage his feet over especially when coming home after a long day of work.

10. JBL Speaker

Next on our list of gifts for him is this JBL speaker. This is a great gift for your man to bump his tunes around the house. Surprisingly, these speakers are incredibly powerful. You don’t need to pay more than $100 for a decent speaker because this JBL speaker has it covered. He will love this gift, and you will too.

11. Life Straw

For the man who loves the outdoors, nature, and hiking. A life straw can be a super cool gift, but it can also be super necessary. You will never know when there may be a chance you need access to water. I especially recommend this gift if your man is the type of guy who likes to adventure out on his own. It will bring both of you a little piece of mind when the time comes!

12. Custom Socks

For the guy who thinks he’s super funny, customize a pair of socks with his own face on them. If your man is someone who loves gag gifts, then this might just be the best gift you can get. You could even switch it up and cover the socks in your face, so he never forgets who he reports to as a partner!

13. Beard Straightener

Are you and your man tired of his unkempt appearance? Change that with this beard straightener as a gift this Christmas! He doesn’t need to look homeless ever again with this straightener. Again, this is definitely another one of those gifts you never knew you needed until you use it.

14. House Slippers

Do his toesies get a little bit cold during the winter months? Help him keep them warm with some cozy house slippers. Most guys don’t pay attention to getting themselves these comfy things, so he will really appreciate this. Slippers are definitely one of the gifts for him he needs, but won’t think to buy on his own.

15. Beard Growing Kit

If he is someone who maybe needs a little help growing out his facial hair, get him a beard growing kit! I know a few men in my life who have a hard time growing a healthy, full mustache or beard. He will really appreciate this thoughtful gift especially is this is something that he struggles with. If not, he can still incorporate this into his skin care / beard care routine!

16. Coasters

Don’t let your man be a heathen and get him some coasters for his wood furniture. It’s time to take care of our nice furniture and coaster up. It’s a gift he might not think to purchase for himself, but he definitely needs it. I’m probably going to get these for my boyfriend this year!

17. Crocs

Does he have a sense of humor, but also really does need some house shoes or errand shoes? Crocs are perfect! They get a lot of flak, but they’re actually a really good shoe. Give him a chuckle by gifting him such a funny pair of shoes. He will still be able to use them daily, which is a major plus!

18. Wine Glass Set

Tell him it’s time to stop using those mix and matched glasses for wine at get togethers! Let’s become adults and show off having a matching set of wine glasses. Again, this is another gift he probably won’t think of to buy for himself because drinking out of water glasses is enough, right?

19. Air Fryer Oven

An air fryer oven is a little bit pricier of a gift, but it’s something you will benefit from too! Air fryers are perfect for the guy who doesn’t like to cook too much. These provide really easy meals, or really yummy leftovers. It’s great for someone who just wants a quick dinner.

20. Beard Apron

Are you tired of cleaning up beard trimmings in the bathroom after your man shaves? Well, you won’t have to anymore once he gets a beard apron for Christmas!

21. Virtual Keyboard

Is your man always working on the go? If so, then he might get some good use out of a gift like this. This virtual keyboard can connect to a device, then project a keyboard. The keyboard can be used like any other keyboard. This makes it super easy to take work wherever you need to without bringing a whole computer.

22. Room Light Projector

Make his room super comfy and cozy with this room light projector. This will be a gift you can definitely both enjoy when bedding down for the night. I’ve had one before, and it was actually amazing. These really help soothe someone who is a restless sleeper, so if that’s your man then get him one of these!

23. Beer Making Kit

What a fun gift on this list for the guy who is super into beer! Let him craft his own beer with his own elements. Making beer is a great project you can work on together, and you will benefit in the end!

That wraps it up for this gift guide. Whether you’re looking for something funny, unique, or useful, then hopefully you’ve found it! Whatever the gift may be, your guy will be oh so grateful. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

Be sure to check out the Lifestyle page as well as my Pinterest for more gift guides and other inspirations!


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