23 Incredible Gifts For Mom That She Will Love

gifts for mom

Gifts for mom are one of the most important especially with the holiday season coming up quick! We all love our mothers, and they do deserve the world don’t they? Showing appreciation towards your mom can be done through a great gift.

Of course all moms will love any gift you give them because “it’s the thought that counts!” isn’t it? Yes, it’s always the thought that counts, but let’s make sure you get it right. What kind of gifts are perfect for mom? There’s a few things to consider when picking out the right gifts for mom.

  • Has she said she wants it
  • Does she need it
  • Something pertaining to her interests
  • A gift that can be useful

Each of this gifts will run $50 or under. I typically spend a little bit more than usual on presents for my parents. For more gift ideas, check out the Lifestyle page and follow me on Pinterest!

Useful Gifts For Mom

1. Charcuterie Serving Board

If your mom is the type of woman who loves to entertain and feed people, then a charcuterie board is a great gift. Who doesn’t love a little wine cheese, and salami to snack on from time to time?

2. Double Dutch Oven

How incredible is this double dutch oven! If your mom loves to cook and doesn’t have a double dutch oven, then she definitely needs one. This one even has a top that doubles as a cast iron pan. You’re spending $50, but getting a two for one deal in my eyes.

3. Heating Pad Wrap

If your mother doesn’t have one of these, then she might really love one! We all know old age doesn’t treat us the nicest, and we may need a little help sometimes. These heating pads are a great way to warm up and relax tight muscles. This thing is also great to just cozy up with during the winter months.

4. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Making her life easier in the kitchen can only be a good thing! Make two breakfast sandwiches at a time with this dual breakfast sandwich maker. You can even customize your sandwiches however you like with this sandwich maker.

5. Blackhead Remover

Is your mom a Dr. Pimple Popper fanatic? If so, she might love this blackhead remover. This device acts as a vacuum and sucks those blackheads right out of the skin! In fact, I might buy one of these for myself!

6. Power Bank

Owning a power bank can be life saving. Your mom will think so, too! These are great to carry in a purse with you wherever you go. You will always have extra battery on your phone, which can be really important especially when traveling.

7. Wine Decanter

Moms love wine, and that is a fact. Get your mother this wine decanter and turn cheap wine into expensive wine. These decanters are great for aerating the wine and bringing out all the aromas and flavors it contains. Fun fact, most people can’t even tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. I’ll drink a glass of Barefoot Cabernet any day.

8. Grill Set

Who said moms can’t be grill masters just like the dads? I hope no one! A nice grill set is a great gift for anyone, and especially your mom. In my opinion, any food grilled tastes amazing. This grill set will be so useful to her.

9. Slippers

How cute are these fuzzy slippers? Your moms feet will be cold no longer this winter with these slippers. Now this is one of those gifts for mom that is useful, and is something she might want.

10. Robe

Right after those cozy slippers comes this soft robe. Double points if you pair the two! If your mom doesn’t have a robe already, then she definitely. needs one. It’s winter time, so you can’t go wrong with a warm robe to wrap up in!

Gifts Under $20

11. Soap Set

These all natural soaps are great for the environment and your skin. I’m really on board with soaps that reduce the amount of plastic we use, and that can be achieved through bars of soap. These are also a great gift if your mom has sensitive skin!

12. Paint By Numbers

13. Candle

Candles are always an easy gift to give because they’re popular with everyone. Your mom could use your candle to decorate and make her house smell divine.

14. Stove Top Potpourri

Maybe even better than a candle is stove top potpourri. It’s a little more unique than a candle and gets the entire house smelling amazing. The best part is, this is super easy to make yourself as well.

15. Rub Away Bar

Okay, have you ever seen something like this before? You know how you get that garlic or onion smell stuck to your hands no matter how much you wash them? This rub away bar is here to solve that! It takes away those scents you can’t get off after cooking.

16. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

These Burt’s Bees sets are so worth the money. Typically, one item from Burt’s Bees can run around $15. Buying these gift sets really brings the cost down, so you can get your mom a great gift for a reasonable price. A hand moisturizing set is great for your mom who may be battling that dry skin we all get during these winter months!

17. Nail Care Kit

For the mom who loves to have spick and span nails, this nail care kit is all inclusive. For under $20 you can have your own professional nail spa in your own home! That’s if you’re good at doing nails!

18. Affirmation Cards

Such a sentimental gift to you mom are affirmation cards. These are so thoughtful and will really show her that you care so much. The best thing about these is you can make them yourself, too and personalize them however you want.

19. Wet Brush

Is your mom still brushing her hair with a stiff brush? She needs a wet brush! These things save your hair from pulling, breakage, and unnecessary damage. These are great for curly hair too because you can’t really brush dry hair with curls. Brushing wet hair is dangerous because the strands are weaker, but with a wet brush that makes it possible!

20. Ugg Socks

My mom always has cold feet and hands. If your mom also has poor circulation in her hands and toes then she needs fuzzy socks to keep her toes warm! This is another gift you can’t really go wrong with because everyone loves cozy, fuzzy socks.

21. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Again with the cold feet and hands! How cool is this rechargeable hand warmer? Stop using those throw away hand warmers and do better for your wallet and the environment. A one time investment can keep your mom’s hands warm for a long time coming!

22. Herb Seeds

Is your mom a green thumb? Try getting her some herb seeds to plant. These are great because you get to reap the rewards of growing herbs by using them in your cooking!

23. Snack Baskets

Maybe you’re not the best chef or baker, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift her something delicious. Snack baskets are another great gift simply because if you can cook or bake, then it’s easy to do yourself. We’re all about finding things and ideas that are financially savvy.


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