53 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25

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Are you gearing up to host or attend a white elephant gift exchange this year? If so, then you’re probably in need of a gift! What kind of gifts do you even take to a white elephant party? Well, it could honestly be ANYTHING.

If your host has set rules on what type of gift, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. This list will go from gag gifts to serious gifts and everything in between.

Hey, you also don’t need to spend tons of money on picking out a white elephant gift either. Since this gift won’t be personal as you won’t know who the recipient will be, don’t worry about buying it with someone in mind. This list will have gifts all for $25, or less.

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Funny White Elephant Gifts

1. Chia Pet

Starting off the list with the funny gifts is the glorious Chia Pet. How many people know what a Chia Pet is, but have never actually had one? That would be me! A chia pet is the perfect gag gift for a white elephant exchange and it fits well within the price range!

2. Desktop Boxing

Is anyone coming to the gift exchange who could use something to blow a little steam at work? Oh, maybe it’s everyone that’s coming! This desktop boxing gift is hilarious and people might actually want to keep it or steal it from each other.

3. Crafting With Cat Hair

This gift is gross and funny… Does anyone who will be at the party have a cat? If they do, then this is a great gag gift to bring to the party. Why waste all those furballs when you can actually turn them into art!?

4. Cards Against Humanity

We all know Cards Against Humanity is such a hilarious game! Even though this is on the gag gift list, I know people will be stealing this from each other. The Bonus is, you can start playing the game after the exchange is over for more fun added to the night!

5. Rubber Chicken Coin Purse

I don’t even care if anyone thinks this is a gag gift, I personally love it! This chicken coin purse may seem funny, but who wouldn’t use a coin purse! It’s still very cute. Your guests may surprisingly be trying to steal this one from each other!

6. Subtle Butt

I know what you may be thinking, but this is a great funny gift! You may never know when you are in a pinch with bad gas. Stuck in a car, bus, or plane with bad gas? Subtle Butt will help anyone get through it! Maybe someone needs these for their spouse of significant other, either way it’s absolutely hilarious.

7. Dad Gut Fanny Pack

This thing is so gross, but someone ought to love it! While it’s not the most appealing looking gift, it is pretty practical. Fanny packs are for sure making a come back as well, but maybe not in this particular fashion. This may be one of those gag gifts to avoid during the exchange!

8. Poo-Pourri

If you’ve never used Poo-Pourri, then you might want to actually try it. It does do its job of masking foul odors in the toilet bowl, and maybe some guests at the gift exchange could use that! Any type of gift having to do with bodily functions and/or the bathroom is just innately funny.

9. Squatty Potty

Here we go again with the funny bathroom gifts! I guarantee guests at the party will be fighting for this one. Who wouldn’t want a nice bathroom experience? That can be achieved with a squatty potty.

10. Ravioli Spoon Rest

Who wants a messy counter every time you get the sauce out? Stop the mess with a ravioli spoon holder! It’s way cuter than using a plain dish and cleaner than putting the spoon on the counter. I would say this gift is funny, but it’s also pretty dang cute!

11. Adult Coloring Book

I’ve seen plenty of coloring books geared towards adults. They’re great for relaxation purposes and to help focus a busy mind. I never have seen a people of Walmart coloring book… This book is hilarious! Your guests will think so too. This one definitely has me dying.

12. The Office Pillow

We’re all fans of the Office aren’t we? This episode where Dwight puts what looks like a piece of ham on his face is a fan favorite! This pillow is great, and especially if you hide the image. Surprise everyone by showing them what lies beneath the sequins!

13. Zen Garden Litter Box

This zen garden litter box is the best gift for someone who has a desk in their office. Get them something to do like raking kitty litter and poop when there’s a lull in the workday!

14. Uninspirational Calendar

This is actually a great gift for most people who are easily unimpressed. This uninspirational calendar is full of quotes with the goal of not inspiring anyone. Sometimes this is the type of humor you just need around in your life isn’t it?

15. Ass Wipes

As funny as this gift is, swamp ass is serious business. These wipes could be a life saver to a friend in need, and they may be a hot commodity at the white elephant party. I suggest buying these for the party, and maybe an extra pack to keep in your bathroom.

16. Nessie Ladle

How adorable is this little dinosaur ladle? Not only is this thing so cute, but it stands on its own! I don’t know about any ladle that does that. This paired with the ravioli spoon holder will make for a very clean sauce experience in the kitchen.

17. Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Get out another card game and play Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid at the gift exchange! Nothing beats gifting a game at the gift exchange. After the exchange, you can all play it! Keep the fun going!

18. Toilet Golf

Don’t be bored on the toilet ever again. Yes, we have smart phones for that, but can’t we do something a little more stimulating? We can when we use Toilet Golf! As funny as it is, we can build a skill while doing out business.

19. Poop Shoot

Poop shoot is the latest, the funnest, the best… Okay I may be embellishing a little bit. I can’t help but include a hilarious poop filled game on this list because for some reason, everyone thinks poop is funny.

20. Yodeling Pickle

Because why not? Who needs a yodeling pickle? Absolutely no one. It makes for a funny gift exchange when there’s a present in there that people try to avoid. Maybe it’s this yodeling pickle, but you also never know what people will find really cool.

21. Bob Ross Mug

A mug so beautiful it’s fit for an artist. This glorious Bob Ross mug changes colors depending on your beverage’s temperature. I don’t know about you, but if I brought this mug to a white elephant exchange, then it would be stolen many times.

White Elephant Gifts For Women

1. Burt’s Bees Face Care Essentials

You actually cannot beat the value on this gift. Only $15 for a lip balm, face cream, face wash, and scrub? This gift will be most wanted amongst the ladies in the group for sure, and it costed you way under $25!

2. Scarf

A cozy scarf this season will be a hot commodity at the white elephant exchange. This premium scarf by Alice Blake can be styled in so many different ways. The ladies will love this gift at the exchange.

3. Travel Mug

Every lady in life is in need of a travel mug! Whether they are a coffee or tea drinker, a travel mug always makes a great and thoughtful gift. These travel mugs work really well and are spill proof. I have a couple of this brand and I can contest to that.

4. Bee’s Wrap

Look at these amazing reusable food wraps made out of beeswax and linen. With these wraps you can store food and eliminate the plastic. This is a great gift for anyone, but the ladies will love it. Reducing plastic and at a small cost is a great gift to give.

5. Bath Bombs

Every lady could use a little bit of self care, and bath bombs are totally the way to do that. What’s relaxation without a warm tub a bubble bath, a glass of wine and.. I think I know what I need right now.

6. Yankee Candle

Who doesn’t love a beautifully scented candle? I know I do, and most ladies do too! You really can’t go wrong with a candle. They’re just so easy and you already know anyone will enjoy a nice smelling candle.

7. Honeysuckle Cook Book

Who wouldn’t want a fresh new batch of recipes to try? A cookbook will be a great gift for anyone at a white elephant exchange. This Honeysuckle Cookbook has 100 healthy recipes to try, which is plenty!

8. Automatic Wine Opener

This gift is perfect for all those wine-loving ladies out there. Why wrestle with a bottle of wine when a mechanical wine opener can solve all your troubles? There’s no need to wait for wine when you can get it right away!

9. Ceramic Planter

This ceramic planter has such a beautiful design it’s hard not to love! All the plant loving ladies will really dig this gift, pun intended? A nice planter will only inspire the gift recipient to add another plant to their growing collection… pun intended again?

10. French Hand Cream

How bougie to come to the white elephant party with French hand cream! This gift will surely be popular amongst the ladies at the exchange. If it were me, this is definitely a gift I would steal! It is just about winter as well, so dry hands are a common problem and this cream will solve it.

11. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For the ladies who love their coffee, and most especially their cold brew coffee. Making cold brew is so simple, and you can supply a large batch so you have enough for a few days at a time. Almost everyone would appreciate a gift like this, unless it’s someone who hates coffee! Even still, this can be applied to iced tea.

12. Cocktail Making Kit

This gift is for all those ladies who love a good mixed drink. Sipping on your favorite cocktail can take the stress away from almost anything, I hope. A lot of people I know don’t have their own cocktail making kits and have to make do with other supplies. It’s so fun to spruce up your bar with real bartending supplies!

13. Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover

It’s winter and you know what that means. It is freezing when you get into your car in the morning. Keep your hands warm by using this fuzzy steering wheel cover or help keep your friend’s hands warm by gifting this to them.

14. Trinket Dish

This is the cutest trinket dish on the planet and I am obsessed. Everyone could use one of these to store their rings and other jewelry. A trinket dish is totally necessary in not losing all your jewelry. Having one spot to put your trinkets in will help to keep track of them!

15. Fuzzy Socks

These adorable socks will keep your feet warm during the holiday season, which is typically when white elephant parties are held. It’s a great gift that all guests will love. Everyone can use some socks especially if they’re these cute and fuzzy ones.

16. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

For the lady whose hands are always cold! It’s me, it’s me! These winter months can be rough especially if you’re someone who has bad circulation in your fingertips. Keep them warm with this rechargeable hand warmer. What a great idea.

White Elephant Gifts For Men

1. Beard Apron

For the guys who can’t help but make a mess when they trim up. Isn’t that all of them? All the guys at the party are going to be in need of a beard apron, it’s only helpful.

2. Magnetic Wristband

Perfect for home projects and all things DIY this magnetic wristband will be a great asset. This magnetic wristband will help to never lose any small nails or bolts.

3. Yeti Tumbler

Every guy needs a Yeti tumbler, so they can take their coffee on the road. This is perfect for the hardworking guy who has to leave early for work. These tumblers hold their heat really well and keep any drink warm!

4. Beanie With Headlight

For the person who loves walking or biking at night. This beanie will not only keep your head warm in the cold, but it will also increase visibility. Safety is everything after all.

5. Nivea Men Skincare

Every man could benefit from a little skin care and self love. Guys tend to not put the most effort in to making sure their skin is taken care of. That makes this a perfect gift for any guy. It’s important to take care of the skin, especially after shaving!

6. Spices Set

Who doesn’t love to grill!? And what about spices to make grilling even better!? Everyone is going to be interested in this spice set. This set is perfect for anyone who likes to try new flavors and grill em’ up!

7. Beard Growth Kit

Perfect for the guy who needs a little bit of help growing out a nice healthy beard. Some guys need a little help growing their beard, but some guys just want theirs to grow in healthy and full. Either way, this kit is beneficial!

8. Magnetic Bottle Opener

This magnetic bottle opener mounts to your wall and catches all the bottle caps! This bottle opener solves the problem of making a mess with bottle openers going all over the floor. It’s simply ingenious.

9. Deep Tissue Massage Roller

For the guy works and/or works out a lot. He might need a deep tissue massage roller ball. These things work wonders for getting out those deep deep knots. Every guy will want one of these at the exchange.

10. Toilet Night Light

For the guy who needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. A toilet night light may be a funny gift, but it’s actually also pretty useful. Light up the bathroom with this color full changing night light.

11. Waterproof Speaker

So he can jam out in the shower without having to worry about damaging his phone or other speakers. This small speaker is perfect to hang off the shower head for the ultimate bath time experience.

12. American Crew Pomade

Just as beard maintenance and care is important, so is hair. Make sure he stays looking suave with this American Crew pomade set. He will never have a bad flyaway, or dry frizzy hair every again with these products!

13. Cookbook

Allow him to explore his culinary interests with a cookbook. This cookbook contains relatively simple recipes, so he doesn’t have to be super skilled to pull them off. Everyone could try a new dish once in a while!

14. Travel Toiletry Bag

What guy doesn’t need a travel toiletry bag? A travel toiletry bag is something you may not think you need until you do!

15. Nalgene Water Bottle

Reuce, reuse, recycle! These nalgene water bottles are amazing, and the right price. Anyone would be excited to get a nalgene water bottle at the gift exchange. This is one of those gifts that might be stolen a few times.

16. Mankini

Get festive this gift giving season with this Rudolf mankini! For sure, there is some guy at the party who won’t be too ashamed to leave almost everything on display for this gift. It’s hilarious, and it’s for men!


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