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About The Blog

Hello! My name is Maci, and let me tell you about myself and my blog. I’m so glad you’ve found What Treasures Await. That means you must be looking for:

What Treasures Await is here to serve all of these purposes!

There are three main categories:

About Why I’m Here

Maybe you’re wondering why I’ve decided to start a blog. My reasons are probably very similar to why a lot of people start up their own blogs. All through high school I never had a clear goal. There was never a passion I felt I was working towards. That feeling lingered even as I went off to college and committed four years of my life studying my degree.

In May of 2019, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I am very proud of my accomplishments and thankful for my parents who supported me every step of the way. However, now that I found a full time role in a Microbiology Lab, I don’t feel fully satisfied. 

Here is where blogging comes in. I never wanted to settle into a career and work the 9-5 like everyone else. Instead, I am looking for my own financial freedom while also sharing how others can do the same! 

As this blog grows and I learn new things, I will be sure to keep you updated along the way! I want every one of my readers to feel included in this journey. While I am here to help you, you can help me, too.

My Life Starting Out

I was born in Mesa Arizona, then bounced around all through elementary school. We lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Missouri, then settled in California. Having the experience of living abroad at such an early age opened me to different cultures and experiences that I could have never thought to have.

The constant moving throughout my childhood made it pretty difficult to make friends. The older I got, the more difficult it became! I am grateful now, for the solid set of friends I have. These people have stuck with me, even when we lived far apart!

Going Off To College

about life in college
My best friends!

I graduated high school in Southern California right next to the beach. I then chose to move 8 hours away to go to Chico State in a very small agricultural town. When I tell you it was a shock… it was a SHOCK.

Growin up I was pretty sheltered in beautiful Orange County. I am so appreciative of my upbringing, but I did really need to get out of that environment to understand how the world works. I still don’t know how most of the world works, but am making an active effort to figure it out.

College was where I made most of my friends. It was finally a place where I could break out, be myself, and start new. Life in college is so important to gain independence and learn how to carry yourself.

Picking My Major

Top be honest, I had no difficulty picking my major. I was not being wishy-washy, like I usually am. I always like science and had a thing for it. My sister studied biology, so I followed suit. It’s pretty lucky to have someone just ahead of you doing everything you’re about to to.

So, I studied cellular and molecular biology. No one told me, but if you are planning on making ANY money after graduating with a degree in biology, then you NEED to get a masters, PhD or go pre med, pre dental, etc. No one told me that graduating with just a Bachelor’s in this STEM field meant I wasn’t worth anything. (Maybe I’m being dramatic because there’s options don’t worry).

If I could go back and change my degree, I would 100% study computer science. It wasn’t until my senior year that I took my first coding class and loved it… That was something that totally shocked me. I ended up spending a year out of college taking coding classes to learn new languages, then decided to take a crack at a WordPress blog.

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad was the best and the worst time in my life. I say the worst only because I am someone who has difficulty adjusting to change. I get easily overwhelmed and shut down sometimes.

It was also the best, because it’s exactly what I needed to break out of my shell! I made really close friends instantly. We were all looking for our group of people to survive Europe with. At that point I kept questioning if I was even allowed to be responsible for myself thousands of miles away from home!

Originally, I did want to start a travel blog believe it or not. You can see that attempt at travelsoma.com. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit. I decided that a travel blog was going to put myself into a hole. Thus, a lifestyle blog was born! Just wait, I might be back for that travel blog when things start to return to normal.

Life After College

about life after college
Senior graduation pics.

Navigating life after college is so tricky. Finding a purpose is even trickier. A lot of our best experiences happen in college. Gaining independence and figuring out how to make the right choices while making all the bad ones is such an experience. Coming to terms with having to move back home because I couldn’t afford rent where I live was a harsh reality. 

I’m really looking to change that around and hopefully I can. You can also find me over at this blog, too.