Amazing DIY Bathroom Remodel For Under $50

DIY Bathroom Remodel

This DIY bathroom remodel will show you how to create a brand new, fresh looking bathroom for under $50! Say what!? We all know that remodeling means thousands of dollars, new cabinets, major repairs, power tools, time, and skills. But hey, it doesn’t have to be like that.

There are a few super simple things you can do to a small space to rework it and make it feel entirely brand new. This tutorial for a DIY bathroom remodel will show you exactly how to rework a space with a small budget.

We ended up doing this remodel in my boyfriend’s rented apartment as well, so this is something you can do. When you’re renting you’re definitely limited in how much you can change the space. Simple cosmetic changes can go a long way.

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DIY Bathroom Remodel:


  • Paint (Small Can)
  • Paint Dish
  • 2″ Paintbrush
  • Painters Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

These are some of the materials I used during my DIY bathroom remodel. We ended up choosing a yellowish cream color, and we had no idea how it was going to turn out. It ended up being a great choice because it lightened up the bathroom a lot!

This type of accent wall is perfect for a bathroom that’s “landlocked” in the house. Without windows, it’s easy for those bathrooms to turn dark and dreary. If you don’t have any natural light coming in, then choose warm tones to make the space feel brighter.

If you do have natural light coming in through a window, then you can consider choosing a bold color such as black.

Measure and Tape

taping the wall

Each line was measured 6″ apart from each other. This allows the herringbone pattern to be 1 foot wide. This honestly was just the easiest measuring pattern for me to follow, but you can measure however you like.

I really recommend following this step because it will keep your herringbone pattern really in line. When you’re freehand painting it can be really easy to get off track. Trust me, I’m not a painter and this was kind of difficult. Don’t worry though, the imperfections adds charm in my opinion!

Try a Practice Run

practicing painting

You can use something like paper or cardboard to perform a practice round. This is an important step, so you can gauge how the paint will go on. If you use too much paint, you’ll get drips. Too much pressure and your strokes will be super fat. If you paint them too close together it will look smushed.

It’s best to practice on paper before taking it over to the wall. We always want to be better safe than sorry! Once you find a comfortable rhythm, then you’re ready to paint!

Start Painting

bathroom remodel

Don’t mind me, we decided to paint on the hottest weekend of the year and I was a sweating mess! It was terrible, but worth it for how good the bathroom turned out. So, just go at it and alternate the direction of the strokes.

This part is scary at first, but it gets really easy as you go. Honestly, I didn’t do a perfect job. The spacing is off on some of them, but you know what? I don’t care because it looks so much better than it did before!

Finishing Touches

diy bathroom remodel

Now you’ve finished the painted accent wall, the hardest part! There’s a few finishing touches to add in order to tie the space together. Softer lighting is one of them. You definitely don’t want fluorescent lights in the bathroom especially one with no natural light. That can be really hard on the eyes.

We also added a plain white shower curtain. Since the wall is so busy, we didn’t want too many patterns going on. Too many patterns and bold colors can clutter a space really easily.

And there you have it, a DIY bathroom remodel for under $50! Isn’t it incredible!?

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