Best Tips for Decluttering Your Bathroom

Best Tips for Decluttering Your Bathroom

The bathroom in your home is just as likely to become a dumping ground as it is to be the smallest room in your house. Much like the gravitational pull of celestial bodies, the bathroom acts like a tractor beam for household items that are never fully released from its pull. But for those looking to break the cycle, there is hope. Here are our best tips for decluttering your bathroom.

Clean the Medicine Cabinet

The best place to start when decluttering any bathroom is the medicine cabinet. It isn’t uncommon to have multiple open bottles or boxes of the same medications, all competing for real estate. Get rid of anything that’s expired and try to condense the rest down into as few containers as possible while still keeping drugs safely separated.

Install Shelving

If you have reached the limits of what your current storage allows in the bathroom, installing additional shelves offers some much-needed relief. Shelves and garment rods are some of the most essential features to include in any bathroom.

Bottles In the Bath

It’s a battle that many are intimately familiar with—you buy new shampoo or body wash at the store but then neglect to throw out the old bottle at home. Over time, these bottles grow to take over space in the bathroom, each with just enough left that makes it hard to justify throwing away. But if you have already moved on to a new bottle, chances are you won’t be returning to an old one. Simply throw them away and move on with your life.

Under the Sink

The last of our best tips for decluttering your bathroom is to remember to inspect the space under your bathroom sink. Much like the free space in a bathtub, the storage area commonly found under the sink is a prime location for becoming a bathroom black hole. As time goes on, everything from cleaning products and extra toiletries to first aid equipment and linens can come to call this space their home. Easier to hide than most other bathroom locations thanks to the doors often found on vanities, it’s crucial to keep this space clean and free of moisture to avoid mold growth.


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