Cleaning and Care Mistakes You’re Making Around the Home

Cleaning the house is hard enough as it is, but what if you were doing it all wrong? Avoid creating messes while cleaning by learning these common mistakes.
Cleaning and Care Mistakes You’re Making Around the Home

Cleaning your house shouldn’t make it dirtier, right? For those of us who are new to the world of homeownership or renting property, cleaning up any way you want should get the job done. However, it may surprise you that if you’re cleaning improperly or forgetting to do something, you might just be making things worse for yourself.

Before you get stuck in your ways, as your parents might be, learn about the different cleaning and care mistakes you’re making around the home. Correcting yourself now can lead to a brighter, healthier home and beneficial habits.

Vacuuming Hard Flooring Like You Vacuum Carpet

You may think that if vacuums have enough suction to collect dust and dirt from carpet fibers, they’ll be fine to use on your vinyl, tile, or hardwood flooring too. While you’ll clean some of the dirt and debris off the floor with this mentality, you’ll also scatter a portion of the dust to other parts of the room.

The moving brushes in the head of the vacuum are the main antagonist in this situation. If your vacuum allows you to turn off the rotating bristles, do that when you move onto hard flooring types. Take off the attachment and use only the tube to clean grime against the wall and if you have a pile of debris after sweeping.

It may seem like hard work, but sweeping before vacuuming is always important. Gathering debris into a few piles and vacuuming them up will result in a more thorough cleaning than a quick vacuum job.

Wiping Up Messes Without Cleaning the Carpet

If you own carpet flooring or rugs, you know how scary spills and pet accidents can be. With carpet, you must constantly stay vigilant to avoid a spill staining the fibers and ruining the appearance. People often clean just the surface of a stain rather than spot cleaning the carpet—which means that the floor is still dirty.

Cleaning the carpet or rug immediately after a spill with mild detergent and warm water is the best way to avoid deeply dirty carpet fibers. Area rugs are especially important to care for properly after a spill since anything you leave to sit for too long may bleed through onto your floors and create a messy situation for later.

Putting the Toilet Scrubber Back While It’s Wet

If it feels wrong to put a toilet brush back in its holder while it’s still wet, it’s because it is wrong. A wet brush allows bacterial growth on the brush and in the holder.

After you finish cleaning your toilet and rinsing the brush, you should allow it to dry for at least ten minutes before putting it back. You don’t need to put the dirty tool somewhere clean to let it dry—just wedge it between the toilet seat and the bowl to allow the bristles to dry out over the toilet water.

While these three cleaning and care mistakes you’re making around the home are harmful, they’re not as harmful as avoiding cleaning until you can’t anymore. Start by cleaning the house bit by bit—even slow progress is still progress!


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