Common Causes of Furniture Damage

It is important to identify the likely sources of damage to your furniture to help make sure the pieces stay in usable and presentable condition.
Common Causes of Furniture Damage

One of the most significant investments in our lives is the furniture that decorates our living room. This is an important decision because the seating you select is where you and your family will have many happy times and make many wonderful memories. Since finding the right pieces for the space can be challenging, it’s crucial to do everything you can to protect them once they are in your home. Here are the most common causes of furniture damage to avoid.


It would not be stretching the truth to suggest that children are destructive. Make no mistake—this is a normal and acceptable part of growing up, but that doesn’t save your sofa from becoming a casualty. Enforcing simple rules such as no shoes or roughhousing when on the furniture can save many pieces from scrapes and tears. Depending on age, you may also do well to limit liquids and other items that could stain the upholstery.


Only slightly more obedient than toddlers are our beloved house pets. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make them less likely to tear up the furniture. Providing stimulation for the pets that allows them to get their energy out in a healthy manner can help you avoid costly furniture replacements. Some pets will try to mark new furniture, so keep an eye out for this behavior.


The natural enemy of many fabrics is sunlight. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may even have to replace a piece of furniture that still functions well. The sun can dry out and ruin leather quickly if not addressed. Fortunately, there are several easy methods for preventing damage from sunlight.

Wrong Cleaning Products

After any spill on the couch, the first thing to do is to clean it as quickly as possible. But not all cleaning products work for every material. Using the wrong chemical can cause discoloration or some other problem. There is also the possibility of using the wrong item to clean the stain. Many things used for scrubbing have abrasive surfaces that ruin furniture.

Poor Care

The final one of the most common causes of furniture damage is taking poor care of the item. Plopping down into the seat, failing to vacuum, exposure to moisture, and incorrect usage are only some of the reasons you may find yourself needing to replace your couch. The next time you consider stepping over the sofa instead of walking around, consider the cost of a replacement.


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