Different Ways To Make Your Clothes Smell Great

When trying to find new ways to make your clothes smell good, consider these hacks that can breathe new life into your clothes. Your nose will thank you!
Different Ways To Make Your Clothes Smell Great

Tired of taking your clothes out of the washing machine and smelling nothing as you transfer them to the dryer? Consider experimenting with different ways to make your clothes smell great. Some of these methods you may have heard of before, and others may be new, so be open-minded when thinking about ways to create good-smelling clothes.

Dryer Balls

If you are not a fan of using dryer sheets, you can invest in dryer balls. Using dryer balls will prevent your clothes from becoming overly wrinkled and will prevent lint from building on your clothes.

When using a dryer ball, consider placing a few essential oil droplets on the ball before tossing it into the dryer with your clothes. This will help your clothes retain an even stronger scent.


Using essential oils is a great way to make your clothes smell great for days after you wash them. In addition to using essential oils on dryer balls, you can create a mist of scents by mixing drops of essential oils with water. Then, you can spray the mist on your clothing whenever you see fit.

Dryer Bags

Another unique way to make your clothes smell great is by storing them in a scented dryer bag. Whether you’re transferring dirty clothes or folding up clean clothes and preparing them for storage, the lovely scent of the bag with tinge them with a fresh scent.


Another way to make your clothes smell great that is slightly more traditional is ammonia. However, when using ammonia, be aware that the smell will be strong and may burn your eyes!

However, that strong smell will knock all of the odors out of your clothes. Not only is ammonia suitable for removing malodors, but it holds the pleasant scents in and makes your clothing appear brighter.

Fabric Softeners

The easiest way to ensure that your clothes smell good is to use fabric softeners. You can use any variety of fabric softeners that you want with any scent. In addition to making your clothes smell good, they will also make them softer.

If none of these methods work, there may be other reasons your clothes don’t keep their fresh scent. If that is the case, ensure that you start by checking the washing machine and dryer you use to do your laundry.


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