Easy DIY Christmas Gnomes: No Sewing

Christmas Gnomes
No sew gnomes.

Christmas gnomes are cute as decor or gifts for your friends this year. I mean, look how cute these guys are! Better yet, these are so easy to make and there’s no sewing involved. All the materials you need can be found at your local craft store or even Walmart.

Because the materials are so cheap, you can make a bunch of these Christmas gnomes and pass them out to friends this holiday season. We’re all about easy crafts that don’t cost a lot of money!

Not only are these sock Christmas gnomes inexpensive, but they take 20 minutes to make. This means you can create plenty of these gnomes for all your friends and family in just one day!

I have to give credits to my wonderful mother for showing me these cute DIY Christmas gnomes! For more DIY inspirations, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and check out the Design page.

Christmas Gnomes Materials:

  • Rice
  • Tube Socks
  • Fuzzy Socks
  • 1.5″ Rubber Bands
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Christmas Bells
  • Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Stuffing / Cotton Balls
  • Faux Fur

Shop The Materials List:

Cut Tube Socks At The Heel

cut tube socks at heel
Cutting the tube socks.

Take a pair of tube socks and cut them at the heel. The top half will be discarded as it won’t be used for the gnome. Keep the fabric though! It can come in handy for some other DIY project. I’m all about making the most of materials, and we don’t want to waste here.

Fill With Rice

fill with rice
Filling with rice.

This tube sock will make up the body of the Christmas gnomes. Fold the tube sock over a cup and fill with rice. You can use a heavier material, like small rocks. If you’re planning on shipping these to someone, then definitely use rice because it’s much lighter. The small rocks can make the gnome heavy enough to be a door stop. Both options are nice, depending on how you plan to use your gnome!

Tie Off The Top

tie off the top of the gnome
Tied off the top of the gnome.

We ended up using the second sock to sort of “double bag” the gnome. You can do this just to make sure the rice doesn’t spill in case a hole happens. It’s not completely necessary because you’re going to cover the body with another sock anyway.

Use one of the small rubber bands to tie off the top of the sock. Make sure it’s secure or use a couple of rubber bands, so that rice doesn’t spill!

Tie Off The Nose

make a nose
Make a nose.

Using another rubber band, section out some rice to become the nose. You can make this as big or as small as you like.

Blush The Nose

Add blush.

We just used an old blush palette to add some pink color to the nose! This makes the gnome look like he’s cold! It’s a really cute touch to add and brings a little bit off life into the guy.

Cover The Body

wrap christmas gnomes body in a sock
Wrap the body in another sock.

This is just a fuzzy bootie sock, but it fits around the body great. This bootie covers up the white tube sock, so it doesn’t look SO obvious that these christmas gnomes are literally just socks.

Secure The Bootie With Hot Glue

glue the bootie to christmas gnomes
Securing the bootie with hot glue.

Using your hot glue gun, secure the bootie around the gnome. You will have to pull it closed around the top of the nose and secure it. It’s okay if some of the sock is showing on top, because that will be covered up.

Measure And Cut Out The Beard

Measuring and cutting the beard
Measuring the beard.

Measure your fuzzy fabric and cut out about a 4″ x 4″ piece of faux fur. If your sock gnome is bigger or smaller, then you can definitely adjust how much “beard” your gnome needs. Cut from the back, so you can see the lines you made. I also recommend holding up the faux fur while you cut, so you don’t end up cutting a lot of the beard hairs and making a mess.

cut a "V" in Christmas gnomes beard
Cut out a “V”.

Next, cut out a “V” shape. This is the part of the gnome that will fit underneath the nose. You can also shape up the bottom corners to round out the beard and make it a little more natural.

Glue The Beard Down

Glue Christmas gnomes beard down
Glue the beard down.

Fit the beard around the nose and glue it down with the hot glue gun to secure it. You can spruce it up, too in order to fluff out the beard.

Cut Another Sock For The Hat

Cut one of the Christmas fuzzy socks at the heel to create the hat. This part will cover up the top where the original white tube sock is exposed. At this point, I know we are four socks deep, so if you wanted to just fill one fuzzy sock as the base and have one fuzzy sock as the hat that’s a perfect way to reduce the amount of materials.

I prefer to use extra socks just in case a tear occurs you won’t risk rice falling everywhere! (I hope).

Stuff The Hat With Filler / Cotton Balls

Stuffing the christmas gnomes hat
Stuff the hat with filler.

Put some filler into the toe of the hat and use a rubber band to tie it off. This creates a little pom pom at the top, how cute! Use more fuller to stuff the base of the hat to get it to stand up on the gnomes head.

Attach The Hat

Attach the hat with hot glue
Attach the hat with hot glue.

Fit the hat on top of the gnomes head to cover the leftover white sock that’s sticking out. Secure it with hot glue. Now you have the gnome ready for accessories!

Make Accessories

candy cane pipe cleaners
Candy cane pipe cleaners.

Now that your Christmas gnomes are ready, make and add the accessories. This is the best part! You can decorate them however you like. I like to add Christmas bells to the top of the hats and put some ribbons and candy canes on as well.

If your gnome tips over, or isn’t standing up very well, tie twine around the waist. This creates a base at the bottom and helps them to stand. This is a useful tactic for the rice-filled gnomes because they’re much lighter.


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