How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

We’ve all had that apartment. It’s the best for your budget, but the bathroom is so small and outdated that you feel claustrophobic every time you have to get ready for the day. If you want your bathroom to feel and look bigger than it is—but you don’t want to break the bank—check out this guide on how to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Use Contrast

Contrast is one of the secret weapons of home design for cozy spaces. Using extremely light and dark colors is one way to create depth that results in the illusion of copious space. For a small bathroom, consider painting the walls a semi-gloss black or dark, moody gray and using a bright white mosaic tile for your backsplash and shower tiling. This drastic contrast will create the illusion of additional space while giving your bathroom a little update.

Sneaky Storage Solutions

One of the things that can affect how spacious a room feels is clutter. Small bathrooms often lack storage space, resulting in cluttered countertops. For a quick and simple solution to your clutter, take everything except for hand soap off your countertop. Even if you don’t have under-sink storage, you can invest in a cute and affordable covered basket to hold all your items. Out of sight and trendy, this trick makes your space feel instantly larger.

Lighting Tricks

Lighting makes a more drastic difference in how large or small a room looks than many people realize. If your bathroom has no natural lighting and only an overhead light fixture, it most likely feels even smaller than it is. Fix this issue by placing mirrored objects strategically around the bathroom and even investing in smaller lights to sit on a shelf or other areas. The more light you incorporate, the bigger the room will feel.

With these three tips, you’ll know how to make a small bathroom look bigger in no time!


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