How To Personalize Your Bedroom

How To Personalize Your Bedroom

As we spend a significant amount of time at home during this quarantine (which seems to have no end in sight), we begin to look around the spaces we’ve created. Taking some time to think about how to personalize your bedroom could make the time you spend in it more enjoyable and relaxing. In the past, you may have worked toward creating an aesthetically pleasing bedroom. This may have been more for showing off your room as an extension of your put-together household than actually creating a comfortable space to relax. Though personal style is important, a few small additions can make the room feel fun and homey.


Though basic overhead lighting or pretty fixtures and lamps are necessary, consider other lighting options that you can hide more easily. Right now, there is a surge in the use of fairy lights and remote-controlled LED lights. These light strips can be tucked into the room’s corners or where the walls meet the ceiling. You’re able to change the colors as well as the way the lights shine, whether you prefer the bulbs to strobe, change color, or provide a constant glow. The ambiance associated with this mood lighting could provide you with a sense of calm as you spend exponentially more time at home and in your room this year.


As we continue to spend time away from our loved ones in an effort to remain safe and healthy, we may start to feel a little lonely. Printing and framing some of your favorite photos can be a nice reminder of the memories you’ve made with your loved ones. Consider installing a few floating shelves in your room so you can display past happy moments. Glancing up and reminiscing about a time when you were with the ones you love may help you feel more connected despite being so far away from one another.


When you first began to decorate your room, there’s a chance you chose to veer more toward neutral and visually pleasing design elements. Now, as you lay in your haven of a bedroom, binging movies and shows, think about jazzing up your bedding. You can often find comforters with patterns on one side and neutral, solid colors on the other. Let loose and get a little wild by switching up your bedding whenever the mood strikes you!

Additionally, the colder months can be a little dull, especially once the holidays are over. Grabbing a few sets of sheets made from cozy material such as jersey or flannel can provide you with a bit of comfort during an already lonesome time of the year paired.

There are many ways to personalize your bedroom. The design elements you once found appropriate may no longer ring true now that you’ve spent so much time in your room. Though activities and fun events are a little limited right now, there are still ways to amuse yourself at home, in your space.


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