How To Stay Warm in the Cold Without Spending Extra

How To Stay Warm in the Cold Without Spending Extra

Spring is almost upon us, and with it, beautiful weather! But even as the temperature rises, there will be days when it feels like the winter is still here. Before you drive up your heating bill by adjusting the thermostat, learn how to stay warm in the cold without spending extra.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Whether you’re trying to stay warm indoors or outdoors, the key is layering. It’s simple and inexpensive—if you’re cold, put on a layer. If you’re hot, take one off. But if you want layering to make a real difference, you need to learn to layer correctly. Certain materials will keep you much warmer than others and you’ll need to choose the right number of layers to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature.

Hot Food or Beverages

Sometimes, the best way to warm yourself is from the inside with some hot food and beverages! If you’re feeling chilly, try drinking a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate or eating a warm bowl of soup. It will be delicious and warm you up again before you know it.

Stay Active

Exercise gets your blood pumping and raises your body temperature. As an added bonus, exercising helps you to stay in shape and feel good. When exercising in chilly weather, it’s important to wear the right layers to keep you warm and dry.

Go Crazy Baking

Do you love to bake? That hobby just might serve you well in the cold weather. Using your oven warms up your whole home, meaning you won’t have to raise the thermostat. After you finish baking and turn off the oven, you can leave it open to release more warmth into your home. You’ll also get to enjoy the tasty product of your baking while keeping warm!

Seal Doors and Windows

Cold air tends to get into homes through cracks around your windows and doors. To prevent cold air from entering, block the cracks. You can do this easily by rolling up an old towel and placing it over the crack or by sealing them up with caulk.

Add Some Rugs

Rugs add a homey, artistic touch to a room. They’re also very helpful for retaining heat, so if a room in your home needs a little extra warmth, consider adding a rug. When you have one, you won’t have to dread waking up and putting your feet on the hard, cold floor first thing in the morning.

These tips on how to stay warm in the cold without spending extra will be helpful to anyone looking to warm up without blowing their budget. Stay warm and stay frugal!


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