Saving Strategies Everyone With High-End Taste Should Know

Saving Strategies Everyone With High-End Taste Should Know

You’re ready to succeed in your career, find true love, make the world a better place, and look amazing doing it. It’s a lot—but you’re up to it. Unfortunately, it all takes money. And it gets harder if you appreciate the finer things in life. Luckily, there are some saving strategies everyone with high-end taste should know.

Work Out Your Wardrobe

Shop your own closet. At this point, you’ve assembled a passable wardrobe. You may be tempted to upgrade—but don’t. Right now, you look great in anything. Here are some tips:

  • Upcycle. Jazz up your jean jacket until it looks new.
  • Borrow. If you love your sister’s skirt, ask to wear it for a night and return it after a proper wash so you live to borrow another day.
  • Look at things a new way. Wear a skirt as a strapless top or use a scarf as a belt.
  • Mix high and low fashion. Maximize the impact of your more expensive clothes by building outfits around them using bargain pieces.
  • Simplify. Use monochromatic go-to outfits that you can embellish with one attention-grabbing accessory.
  • Pass on “fast fashion.” These cheaply made pieces can show wear quickly.
  • Don’t copy influencer. Get inspiration from them and then add your own spin.
  • Trade. Poshmark and Thredup have some great deals.

Eat Better, Spend Less

Fast food isn’t as cheap as it seems, and it’s definitely not healthy. Slow down and savor each meal, or treat yourself at home.

  • Shop the outer edges of your grocery store, where the fresh produce, dairy, and proteins are. Avoid anything processed for as long as you can.
  • In restaurants, order appetizers, not main dishes. Better yet, split them with friends.
  • Learn to cook restaurant meals. Only cook as much as you need; you don’t need to eat those huge portions in one sitting.
  • Freeze what you make. If you don’t love cooking, try to freeze the bulk of it for later.
  • Buy an interesting food item every week. Make it a game to find new ways to enjoy it until it’s gone.

Freshen Your Décor

You can shake up your surroundings with stuff you already have. Your surroundings don’t have to be brand-new to be gorgeous.

  • Dig out knickknacks and posters from your past.
  • Raid your parents’ attic for castoffs they’ve forgotten.
  • Trade furniture with friends.
  • Try DIY projects like repainting chairs and making your own cushions.
  • Thrift away! Find out when your local shops get new donations, and plan a weekly trip to pounce on great finds before anyone else.

When you have high-end taste, you should know saving strategies so you can buy what really matters. Expensive food, clothes, and decor should be rewards for your success when you’ve earned them. Though by the time you can afford them, you’ll probably be way too smart to pay full price.


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