Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

Some days, we wake up feeling fabulous, only to find by the end of it that our mood has taken a turn—and not for the better. Moods can shift because of the weather, a small conflict, exhaustion, and sometimes for no known reason at all. It’s entirely normal to find yourself in a funk during isolation and social distancing. Don’t be too hard on yourself about a bad mood, but try to take some steps to feel better with these simple ways to boost your mood.

Crank up the Music

Music has probably played a more significant role in your life than you realize. Ever have your heart broken and not been able to listen to songs about love for a while? Music affects our mood in a big way. If you’re feeling a bit down or cranky, choose a playlist that energizes you. The choice in music will be different for everyone, but you typically know what songs really get you going!

Take a drive, clean the house, or go for a walk—and turn up the tunes and your mood.

Dress for Success

When you’re standing in front of your closet debating outfits for job interviews or first dates, there’s a reason you choose pieces that make you feel like you look your best—not only so that you can make a great first impression but to put you in a confident, ready-to-take-on-the-world state of mind. Our clothing can play a huge part in determining our mood.

Many people are now working remotely from home, and choosing what to wear is taking a back burner. But should it? Compare your productivity with what you are wearing every day. Of course, you don’t want to put on your business suit while sitting at home, but are pajamas all day encouraging your ambition?

You can be comfy but still look put together. Love sweats and joggers? You can dress them up a little to help you feel stylish and confident but comfortable enough to sit at the kitchen table behind the laptop.

Get Social

Social distancing can make socializing a little different. Thankfully, we have some amazing technology at our fingertips. Hop on zoom and share a wine tasting with that girlfriend who always makes you laugh, setting your mood where you need it to be.

Phone calls and video chats are a great place to vent about your mood with a friend. Usually, by the end of the conversation, you’ll go from frowning to smiling. We are social creatures, so pay attention to how long it’s been since you just chatted with someone for no reason.

Using some simple ways to boost your mood will make a gloomy day brighter—and we could all use a brighter day.


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