Surprising Tips To Help You Fall Asleep

Surprising Tips To Help You Fall Asleep

After a hard day of work, putting your head to the pillow and closing your eyes is exactly what the doctor ordered to recharge your batteries. But drifting into the welcoming embrace of sleep doesn’t come easy for everybody. For people struggling with sleep, there are helpful tips that can lead them to Dreamland quicker. Here are five surprising tips to help you fall asleep.

Sleep in Socks

Cold feet could be the reason that you are having trouble sleeping at night. If your feet are feeling chilly, it causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood circulation. Putting on a pair of socks warms up your feet, helping you fall and stay asleep.

Turn Up the Sound

Possibly the most shocking of the five surprising tips to help you fall asleep is to add noise to your bedtime routine. A wandering mind makes it difficult to relax and drift off to sleep. Soothing music helps many achieve their nightly slumber, especially songs with simple or no lyrics like folk, easy listening, and classical tunes. If you find yourself focusing on the music, white noise is also useful for inducing sleep and is available through many smart devices and phones.

Clean Your Room

Keeping a tidy room makes falling asleep easier because it allows the brain to rest instead of focusing on the chaos around it. The eye is drawn to clutter, and disorganization stresses the brain out. Keeping a tidy room reduces this anxiety. Blackout curtains over windows prevent or reduce light and noise pollution so there are fewer distractions. Rotating or flipping your mattress prevents ruts and divots from forming, but do your research first to see if these adjustments are necessary.

Don’t Lie Awake

Lying awake staring helplessly at the ceiling is a nightly ritual for some but fighting to fall asleep simply makes the restlessness problem worse. If you haven’t fallen asleep within 15 minutes of turning off the lights, your body might not be ready to shut down for the night. Try returning to the living room for a short, low-key activity like meditation or reading a book to calm the mind. Avoid electronic devices that strain your eyes and cause the brain to reawaken.

Avoid the Clock

Instead of trying to turn back the clock, consider turning it around instead. Imagine waking up to use the restroom and returning to bed, only to stare at the digital tormentor known as your alarm clock as the minutes and hours mercilessly tick by. This bad dream-turned-reality is one we’ve all experienced in our lives. If you find that this particular nightmare is recurring, consider turning the clock to face the wall before you close your eyes.


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