Tips for Choosing Hypoallergenic Materials for Your Home

Can’t stop sniffling and sneezing while relaxing at home? Seasonal allergies might be to blame. Prevent severe allergies with a hypoallergenic home design.
Tips for Choosing Hypoallergenic Materials for Your Home

Allergies that affect you while you’re in the comfort of your own home can bum you out—especially during the spring and fall. You can try improving your home’s ventilation, keeping things tidy, and reducing the number of allergens you track in from outside, but you may still face sneezing, itching, and watery eyes from allergies.

When thinking about how to make your home more allergy-friendly, you should consider the materials you use for furniture, décor, and flooring. These tips for choosing hypoallergenic materials for your home will help you eliminate allergy hot spots.

Avoid Fabric Furniture

While you think about the materials that compose your furniture, consider how fabric can cause allergy flare-ups. Fabric holds onto allergens longer than leather, wood, or vinyl—especially if you own pets. When exposed to pets and pet dander, your furniture will cling onto the hair and dead skin tenaciously, whether you allow your pets on the furniture or not.

If you own upholstered fabric furniture, keep it clean or protect it with a furniture cover. Try to pick fewer furniture pieces with fabric upholstery and stick to leather, vinyl, or a hard material when possible.

Consider Your Flooring

The wrong choice of flooring can have a large impact on your allergies. Carpet, much like fabric furniture, can hold allergens and hide them away even after you vacuum the floor. Instead of lining an entire room with carpeting, consider installing a hypoallergenic hard flooring material—like affordable vinyl in plank form or stylish hardwood.

If you still want the soft feeling of a carpet beneath your feet, purchase an area rug crafted from hypoallergenic materials. The way a rug is constructed can affect hypoallergenic design—buy a hooked rug for an easy-to-clean, allergy-friendly art piece.

Keep Everything Clean

Any material can provoke your seasonal allergies if you don’t clean it. The most important tip for choosing hypoallergenic materials for your home is to consider how often you need to clean the material. You can stick with your favorite fabric couch, hang on to a beautiful set of blinds, or even keep your carpet if you provide the proper care.

Be sure to recognize when something needs a thorough wash versus when it needs replacement—you may find that a deep clean will help just as much as buying a replacement as long as you keep up with it.


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