Tips for Keeping In Touch After Moving

Tips for Keeping In Touch After Moving

One of the most significant sources of anxiety for many moving away from home for the first time is the lack of connections to people in your new area. Distance can make maintaining relationships challenging at times, but there are some things you can do if the friendships are meaningful enough. Here are some tips for keeping in touch after moving.

Write a Letter

One of the most meaningful gestures one can make in our digital society requires your real-world touch. A handwritten letter requires more thought and effort than a text or an email, showing you think enough about the person to be worth your time to write out the letter yourself. The next time you miss your BFF from home, grab your favorite pen and decorative stationery and write them a letter letting them know how much their friendship means to you.

Digital Connections

Part of living in a modern society includes connecting virtually with people and the world through text, email, social media, and many other forms of electronic communication. Sending occasional text messages to catch up or commenting on photos they post on social media can help bridge the physical divide.

There are also many online activities you can do together. Binging the same television series at the same time will help stimulate conversation. As the generation that grew up with video game consoles and the internet, many women play online games with friends from home.

Regular Phone Calls

Few things connect us with the people in our lives quite like hearing another person’s voice. One of the most essential tips for keeping in touch after moving is to schedule regular phone calls to take uninterrupted time to focus on each other. These calls help maintain the close bonds of friendship that distance often deteriorates.

Regular Visits

Of course, letters, text messages, and phone calls are no substitute for being there in-person with the people we love. Even if the visits have long periods between them, they are essential when trying to stay connected to those from home. Always follow through with visits when you plan them except in the event of an actual emergency.


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