Tips for Planning a Virtual Baby Shower

Tips for Planning a Virtual Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be a hefty assignment—especially in a pandemic. Fortunately, the advancements in technology have allowed us to safely stay connected during quarantine. Until public safety guidelines shift, virtual events are the new norm. If you are responsible for hosting an online baby shower, there are ways to ensure it’s as entertaining as it would be in person. Explore the following tips for planning a virtual baby shower to ensure the planning process goes smoothly.

Confirm the Mom-to-Be’s Wishes for the Party

Most commonly, a close family member or friend oversees baby shower details. Before moving forward with any planning, check in with the parents-to-be on how they would like the baby shower to go.

Together, choose a date that works best. Give yourself at least a month or two to secure the finest details. Compile a guest list with the future parents to ensure you are not missing anyone.

When crafting the guest list, keep in mind that many video meeting applications have limitations on guest count. You can create several smaller guest lists for multiple smaller showers, should the parents-to-be wish to celebrate with a large number of people.

Choose Your Video Platform

Video meeting platforms have become the ideal source of social engagement over the past year. Because of their popularity, many companies have evolved their own video meeting application, meaning you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Commonly used platforms include Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout. They are user friendly and free, making them the primal option for your guests.

Be aware that free versions of meeting platforms have limitations to their meeting time and allowed number of guests. You can upgrade to a paid profile for more event freedoms. Whatever platform you choose, perform a trial run with friends to get comfortable as the tech host.

Send Out Invitations with Necessary Details

Once you’ve established which platform will work best, you can send out invitations. Tips for planning a virtual baby shower include sending out an adequate invitation that fosters the necessary details. Because invitees are likely more familiar with in-person baby shower etiquette, you should include a few specifics for them.

  • A link to the meeting platform and a brief guide for those who haven’t used it.
  • The time and date of the baby shower.
  • A link to the online baby registry.
  • The baby shower’s agenda.

Set Up Decorations and Food

Don’t forget the party goods! Since the baby shower will be over video chat, you can embellish you and the mother-to-be’s space with baby-shower-themed décor.

If you are hosting from a separate location, consider sending the future parents some streamers and balloons for a quick setup. If budget allows, deliver a few sweet treats to baby shower guests.


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