Top Hobbies for Reducing Anxiety

Top Hobbies for Reducing Anxiety

The best part of any hobby is its ability to direct our attention toward something other than the everyday stressors of life that can leave us full of anxiety. Work, school, and social lives can take their toll. Sometimes, we need a quiet yet rewarding outlet that we can do at home or with friends. There are many to choose from, but we have selected a few popular hobbies for reducing anxiety.

Write a Book

This idea may sound overwhelming, and if you don’t like to write, it may not be for you. However, if you have always enjoyed writing, why not take some time to write just for fun? A book doesn’t have to be a serious endeavor with editors and deadlines. It may just be something that you keep to yourself. The idea is to enjoy the journey as you curl up on the couch with your laptop and type out your thoughts.

Writing poetry, a short novel, or simply journaling your daily thoughts are all a great place to start.

Make Your Own Jewelry

As you grab some pretty stones and beads to create necklaces and bracelets, the act of focusing on something so delicate and creative will quickly wash away any other thoughts of the day. Jewelry making is a wonderful hobby that allows you to create new accessories and beautiful gifts for others.

Some stones and crystals are thought to reduce anxiety. Incorporating them into your jewelry making could be a fun experiment.

Take up Painting and Drawing

Bring out your inner artist and reduce your stress at the same time. If you’ve always been a doodler, you may enjoy keeping a sketchpad on hand for when the mood strikes. Or, if painting sounds like fun to you, pick up some paints, brushes, and canvases at a local craft store.

Drawing and painting are both great ways to tune out the world and express your feelings. You can share your new creations with others, display your works of art on the wall, or keep them entirely to yourself. Try turning on your favorite music while you do your thing with your pencils or paintbrushes.

Finding hobbies for reducing anxiety is a simple and fun way to bring down stress levels while doing something you enjoy.


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