Top Reasons To Make Your Own Cosmetics

Top Reasons To Make Your Own Cosmetics

Trying to look like a success when you’re just starting out can be a challenge. You need to look professional and polished, but don’t have the money for high-end clothes, shoes, accessories, or even hairstylists. But there’s one area where it’s easy to cut costs: makeup. The big beauty brands can charge anything they want, but if you do it yourself you won’t have to pay the extra $20 for a designer name. The top reasons to make your own cosmetics should intrigue you enough to at least give it a try.

It Saves You Money

It’s crucial to look poised on video calls and personal interviews, but a lot of products go into even the most “natural” look: primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, lip liner, lipstick—you see where this is going. But online you can find a recipe for just about any beauty aid. There are even tutorials about creating makeup brushes out of your own hair. We don’t recommend going that far, but if you have cocoa powder and cornstarch in the pantry, you’re halfway to making your own face powder.

You’ll Know the Ingredients

You can learn the craft with preassembled kits, or buy ingredients in bulk to save over the long term. But one thing’s for sure; your formula for makeup is going to have a lot fewer unpronounceable words than you’ll find on a traditional cosmetics label. You’ll save money investing in makeup-specific ingredients, or you can go the natural route and use what’s already in your kitchen. Either way, you’ll know what’s in your beauty products before they ever get near your face.

You Can Customize Them

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t find the right makeup color? Now you don’t have to pore over swatches, palettes, and samples. Instead of searching endlessly for your elusive dream product, you can create the right shade. Only you can mix pigments and tints until you’ve found the color you’ve been picturing. Or you can add essential oils with your favorite scents or use different moisturizing elements that are better for your skin. You control the texture and the finish. It’s a satisfyingly creative process.

But the top reason to make your own cosmetics? It might even turn into a career. More DIY enthusiasts are having success online with Etsy sales and other methods. If you truly love it and are good at it, one day you could be the one overcharging for your in-demand makeup line. That’s not to say that you would—but you could.


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