Unconventional New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Unconventional New Year's Resolution Ideas

Over the years, New Year’s resolutions have essentially become a running joke about our lack of conviction. Perhaps part of the problem is that we keep trying the same tired goals over and over. Resolutions like “get more organized” and “lose weight” are great, but why not go into the new year with a spirit of spontaneity with these unconventional New Year’s resolution ideas?

Try New Foods

The typical resolution is to “eat healthier foods.” This is an excellent resolution—except for its potential to lead us down the dark path of bland and tasteless meals. It’s no wonder people tend to give up on it after a month.

Instead of focusing on that, why not focus on trying out new and different foods? After all, many of our dietary dilemmas often come from a lack of variety, not just an overabundance of fat. Try out Indian curry or Moroccan chickpea soup. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself adding more veggies and proteins to your diet!

Create Something

The common equivalent for this would be “try out a new hobby.” This is another great idea that often falls apart in practice. How do you know when you’ve successfully “tried out” the hobby? When you went to one lesson? When you’ve become a pro?

We can shift this into something a little more concrete by changing this resolution into “creating something.” And that something can be anything. Build your own dining room table. Plant a garden of sweet flowers or summer veggies. Take online piano lessons and compose your own song. This alternative New Year’s resolution gives you something concrete to work toward and something physical to enjoy.

Sponsor a Child

We would never knock the resolution of “giving to charity.” In the times we’re living in, individuals need help more than ever. But seeing all of those organizations and people in need can be discouraging, and then the lie may creep in that your contribution hasn’t made a dent.

One way to help is to narrow your giving. Instead of trying to support every need, focus on the needs of one child or family. There are many programs out there that allow you to donate a standard amount monthly or annually in order to give a child or family an improved quality of life. That way, you can truly know who you are helping and how.

Participate in One Community Event

This one’s equivalent would be to “meet new people,” and this is the one that offers the least direction. Does that mean chat with a co-worker? Should you start shaking hands with strangers in the street?

One great way to meet new people near you is to go to a community event. One of the common complaints about the modern era is the lack of community involvement or the fact people don’t know their neighbors. Try visiting your town’s website for local concerts, farmers’ markets, or craft fairs. You’ll meet your neighbors and maybe make some new friends too.


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