Ways To Embrace Your Small Home Office Space

Are you struggling with a small or makeshift home office space? Find out three ways to embrace your small home office and feel more comfortable in the space.
Ways To Embrace Your Small Home Office Space

More employees are working from home these days than ever before. This has led to the need for more home offices. If you’re in a small or even makeshift office space, you might feel cramped and unorganized. That’s the last thing you want during your workday. If you can relate to this struggle, keep reading for three ways to embrace your small home office space and make it work for you.

Clear the Clutter

If you’re a recent graduate, you might be hanging onto lots of school supplies from your university days. The odds are you’ll still use most of these supplies in your office, but they might not all be necessary. Setting up your own office is a great opportunity to organize your materials and clear some unnecessary clutter. The more you can get rid of items, donate them, or store them away, the more space you can use in your home office.

Try a New Desk

If you’re working with the traditional wooden, four-legged desk, you might feel cramped in your workspace, especially if the space itself is small already. A new desk might be just the thing you need to switch things up. For example, you could consider installing a floating office desk. These trendy models have minimal contact with the floor, leaving you plenty of open space below. You could also try installing a standing desk for a similar effect. Opening this space below your desk can help you feel less cramped and make the room appear bigger.

Vertical Storage

Another way to keep items and clutter off your floor is to build upward—not out. You can do this by utilizing vertical storage solutions, such as shelving units, for your materials. If you reference lots of books or notes during your day, store them on a shelf rather than your desk. You can hang things like whiteboards, calendars, and other note-taking sources on your walls, too. This helps open your desk and floor space, keeping things less cramped and more organized.

Hopefully, these ways to embrace your small home office space can help you make the most out of your workspace. Just remember to minimize the clutter. Don’t be afraid to try out a new setup by bringing in a different desk or installing shelves. There’s much more to love about working from home when you’re not fighting against your workspace.


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